It’s been another challenging year that I’m sure many of us are happy to bid farewell to. Even with its many challenges our project continues on and we are incredibly grateful and appreciative of the support of so many. A special thank you and shout out to Steve Fulton and Ontario Ancestors for coming to our rescue when it was needed most.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the project this past year: Amanda Prescott, Angie Garant, Anne Goeden, Annette Hechme, Anonymous, Anthony Drummond, Arlene Salacki, Arnold Weirmeir, Arrealia Butler, Art Currie, Bernard Joseph Tracey, Berthe Sauve, Betty Cameron, Betty Rosa Gregory, Bill Manchester, Bill Pollock, Bob Dickson, Bob Garant, Brenda Marchese, Brenna Burwash, Bruce Colquhoun, Bruce County Genealogical Society, Bruce Uttley, Carole Embury McFadden, Cathy Gibson, Charlotte McCrae, Charmaine Braun, Cheryl (Toll) Cronin, Cheyenne Hagen, Christine Ferguson, Christopher Milne, Claudia Barrett, Corinna Rumble, Craig Sidwall, Dan Cousins, Daniel Dickson, Dave Snyder, David Howick, David MacRae, Dawson Haack, Deborah Richer, Diane Dillon, Diane Ruth-Keller, Don Shannon, Donna Renn, Doug Smith, Douglas & Donna Gammon, Dylan Tracey, Elizabeth Maria (Neville) Faion, Emilia Knight, Floyd N Robinson, Gail Larabie, Garry Crawford, Gary Nelson Schumacher, Gary Pfeffer, Geraldine Sookorukoff, Gilles Caron, Gillian Maxwell, Glen Bowe, Glenys Johnson, Grace Moogk, H Poklitar, Helen Kempers, Hope Rynyk, Ivan Delaurier, Jackie Donaldson, James Baker, James Franklin Gill, James Reid, Jan Briggs McGowan, Janet Berkman, Jennifer Lemay, Joanne Krywko, John Coolen, John MacLean, Judith Gleich, Julie & Audrey Turner, June (Ross) King, Karen, Karin Becker, Kate Ford, Katherine Fraser, Kathy Taylor, Ken Robinson, Larry Legere, Lenna Broatch, Leo Allen, Leonard MacLellan, Linda Brown, Linda Nelson-Karg, Linda Wavell, Liz Gowanlock, Lolly Fullerton, Lorena Uniac, Lorna McLaughlin, Lorraine Benusic Moppett, Louise Bellec, Louise Koch, Margaret Gray, Margot Tabi Chapman, Marilyn Mayer, Marilyn Whiting, Marla Thibodeau, Marnie Hall, Martin Whiteley, Mary Dudleigh, Meg Tyler-Lane, Michele Hare Collins, Michelle O’Brien-Sobus, Muriel Brough, Murray Pletsch, Nadia Luciuk, Nicole Chambers, Noani Thiessen, Northumberland Ancestor Hunters, Ocean Poels, Pat & Jeff Jones, Pat Mackey, Patricia Byrne, Patricia Houde, Paul Armstrong, Paulette Brend, Peggy White, Petrina Cardinal, Rae Swan, Ralph Karthein, Ray Hayes, Rebecca Carr, Reed Wortman, Richard & Jean Lampi, Ron Adam, Ron Cairns, Ron Krampien, Ron Lacarte, Rose Kuzina, Rudy Verstraeten, S. Hadubiak, Scott Naylor, Sean Van Helden, Serena Onofreychuk, Shady, Sharon Irwin, Sharon June, Sharon S Grocholski, Shirley Anne St-Louis, Simon Gauthier, Stephanie, Stephanie Archer, Sue C, Sue-Anne Davis, SuperDave, Susan Leitch, Susan MacAlpine, Susan Schultz, Susan Watson, Suyoko Tsukamoto, Sylvia Hasbury, Terry Mullen, Thomas Nemetchek, Tim Fenton, Timothy Green, Tom Lumley, Tom Thompson, Tony Rubik, Verna McNutt, Village of Donalda, Wayne A. Jones, Wendy Kreider, William Cooke, William K Hall, and William Lillie for additions to:


Meadowbrook Cemetery

Belvedere Community Church / All Saints Cemetery
Eastlawn United Church Cemetery

Lakeview Cemetery

Mountain View Cemetery & Memorial Gardens

Bethany Lutheran Cemetery
Greenview / Rosalind United Church / Methodist Church Cemetery
Highland Park Cemetery
Melville Cemetery
St Elizabeth of Prague Catholic / Rosalind Cemetery
Valley View / Camrose Municipal New Cemetery

St Anthony Cemetery

Grande Prairie
Webster Cemetery

St Theresa’s / Lumni Cemetery

No Name / Sounding Creek RC Cemetery

Forest Home Cemetery

Red Deer
Innisfail Cemetery
Kevisville Community Cemetery

Smoky Lake
Holy Ascension Orthodox Cemetery

Delia Cemetery

Donalda Village Cemetery

St Albert RC Cemetery
St Emerence Catholic Cemetery
St Peter’s Cemetery

Vermilion River
Ryley Cemetery

Ribstone Cemetery

Capital Region
Galiano Island / St Margarets Cemetery


Cariboo Region
– Quesnel Pioneer Cemetery

Greater Vancouver Region
– Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery

– Yatesville Cemetery & Crematorium


Albert RM
– Bede Cemetery

Armstrong RM
– Precious Blood Roman Catholic Cemetery

– Brandon Cemetery

Coldwell RM
– Otto Stony Hill / Otto Church Cemetery

Edward RM
– St George’s Anglican / Copley Cemetery

Elton RM
– Madford Cemetery

Eriksdale RM
– Nord Cemetery

Harrison RM
– Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic New Cemetery

Lorne RM
– Hearl Burial Site

North Norfolk RM
– Sidney / Arizona Cemetery

Piney RM
– Kereliuk Family Farm Cemetery

Reynolds RM
– East Braintree Cemetery
– St Mary’s Riverside / Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery

Riverdale RM (formerly Daly RM)
– St Matthews Ancrum Cemetery

Sifton RM
– Griswold Cemetery

South Cypress RM (now part of Glenboro-South Cypress RM)
– St Alban’s / Aweme / Criddle Vane Cemetery

St Andrews RM
– Robinson Spur Mustard Seed / Netley All Saints Anglican Cemetery

St Clements RM
– Corpus Christi Polish Roman Catholic Cemetery
– Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery
– St Nicholas Ukrainian Orthodox (Bukovynian) Cemetery

Ste Rose RM
– Ste Rose du Lac Roman Catholic Cemetery

Stuartburn RM
– St Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery
– Woroniuk Burial Site

– Dallas-Red Rose Community / St Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery
– Wabowden Taylor Memorial

Wallace-Woodworth RM
– Greenwood Cemetery

Whitehead RM
– Alexander Cemetery

Whitemouth RM
– St Anthony Roman Catholic Cemetery

– Elmwood Cemetery
– St Boniface Cathedral Roman Catholic Cemetery
– St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery
– Waverley Memorial Gardens

Winnipegosis Village (now part of Mossey River RM)
– Winnipegosis Roman Catholic Cemetery

Woodworth RM
– Shiloh Cemetery


Restigouche County
– New Mills United Church Cemetery

Saint John County
– St Joseph’s Cemetery

Victoria County
– Bairdsville Anglican Cemetery


Cape Breton County
– Greenwood Cemetery

Colchester County
– Camden Cemetery

Halifax County
– Camp Hill Cemetery

Pictou County
– Elgin Pioneer Cemetery


Algoma District
Cloudslee Cemetery
Greenwood Cemetery
Pine Grove Cemetery

Brant County
– All Saints Anglican Cemetery
– Clump Cemetery
– Mount Hope Cemetery
– Oak Hill Cemetery

Bruce County
– Crispin / Hanover Old Cemetery
– Culross-Teeswater Cemetery
– Eastnor Cemetery
– Sanctuary Park Cemetery
– Southampton / Protestant Cemetery
– St Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Cemetery
– Tara / Hillcrest Cemetery
– Walkerton Cemetery
– Zion / Richardson Cemetery

Carleton County
– Beechwood Cemetery
– Capital Memorial Gardens
– Hazeldean Road / Scharfe / Young Road Cemetery
– Highland Park Cemetery
– John Grierson Cemetery
– Kinburn Baptist / Third Line / Story Family Cemetery
– Long Island Locks Union Cemetery
– McMillan Cemetery
– St Joseph’s Roman Catholic New Cemetery

Cochrane District
– St Ann’s Anglican / Watabeag Cemetery

Dufferin County
– Forest Lawn Cemetery
– Greenwood Cemetery

Dundas County
– Knight’s / Old Inkerman Cemetery

Elgin County
– Aylmer Cemetery
– Evergreen / West Lorne Cemetery
– Old Eden Cemetery

Essex County
– Assumption Roman Catholic Cemetery
– Crypt St-Joseph Church
– Jackson Plot
– Lakeview Cemetery
– Ruthven United Cemetery
– Sacred Heart Cemetery
– St Anne Roman Catholic / Paroisse Sainte Anne Parish Cemetery
– St John The Evangelist Roman Catholic Cemetery
– St Joseph’s (New / North) Cemetery
– St Mark’s / A.M.E. Zion Cemetery
– St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery
– St Simon and St Jude Roman Catholic Cemetery
– Windsor Grove Cemetery
– Windsor Memorial Gardens

Frontenac County
– Milton Cemetery
– St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery

Grenville County
– Methodist Old Cemetery

Grey County
– Abandoned / Gant Negro Cemetery
– Ayton United Church / Ayton Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery
– Boyd Cemetery
– Desboro Public Cemetery
– Elmwood United Cemetery & St John’s Lutheran Cemetery
– Faith Lutheran Church / St John’s Lutheran Cemetery
– Hanover Cemetery
– Lakeview Cemetery
– Latona Cemetery
– Leith Cemetery
– McLean’s Cemetery
– Mount Zion Cemetery
– Shiloh Cemetery
– St Mary’s Cemetery
– St Peter’s Roman Catholic Cemetery
– Thornbury & Clarksburg Union Cemetery
– Woodland Cemetery
– Zion Cemetery

Haldimand County
– Bretzler Cemetery
– Chrysler or Rockport Church Cemetery
– Long Pioneer Cemetery

Hastings County
– Abandoned / Catholic / Hughes Cemetery
– Abandoned / Ries / Peever Settlement Cemetery
– Ashley Methodist Abandoned Cemetery
– Bartlett Family Cemetery
– Carman Family Cemetery
– Christ Church Anglican / Milltown Cemetery
– Emmanuel United Church Cemetery
– Foxboro Cemetery
– Hawley / Henry Farm Cemetery
– Hazzards Cemetery
– Hinchliffe Cemetery
– Hubble Hill Cemetery
– Kavanagh Settlement (Umfraville) Catholic Cemetery
– McGregor Cemetery
– Monck Road Cemetery
– Mount Pleasant Cemetery
– Oram Family Cemetery
– Sleeper or Weslemkoon Cemetery
– St Ignatius RC Cemetery
– St James Roman Catholic Cemetery
– St Matilda Roman Catholic Cemetery
– Stoney Settlement Cemetery
– Zion United Church Cemetery

Huron County
– Baird’s Cemetery
– Blyth Union Cemetery
– Brussels Cemetery
– Clinton Cemetery
– Greenhill Cemetery

Kenora District
– Lake of The Woods Cemetery

Kent County
– Arnold / Riverside / Wees’ Cemetery
– Craford Cemetery
– Evergreen Cemetery
– Fairview Memorial Gardens / Shrewsbury Community Cemetery
– Gosnell United Church / Highgate Cemetery
– Heatherington Cemetery
– Immaculate Conception RC / Pain Court RC Cemetery
– Maple Leaf & St Anthony’s Cemeteries
– McAuley Cemetery
– Merlin / Doyle Cemetery
– Morpeth Cemetery
– Pardoville Union Cemetery
– Reynolds Cemetery
– Shanks Cemetery
– Sherman Cemetery
– St Ignatius Catholic Cemetery
– St Patrick’s Cemetery
– St Paul’s Old Cemetery
– Trinity Anglican Cemetery
– Victoria / Baddertown Cemetery
– West Bothwell Cemetery

Lambton County
– Bear Creek Cemetery
– Beechwood Cemetery
– Froomfield Early Settlers Cemetery
– Hillsdale Cemetery
– Irwin Cemetery
– Moore Union Cemetery
– Resurrection & Crematorium / Grandview Memorial
– St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Cemetery

Lanark County
– Code Cemetery
– Pakenham Union Cemetery
– Pine Grove Cemetery
– St John’s Anglican Cemetery
– St Peter Celestine Roman Catholic Cemetery

Leeds County
– Palmer Cemetery
– Polk Cemetery

Lennox & Addington County
– Camden Fifth Cemetery

Lincoln County
– St Anne’s Community Cemetery

Manitoulin District
– Hughson Cemetery
– Lockyer Cemetery

Middlesex County
– Parkhill Cemetery
– Poplar Hill Cemetery
– Putnam / Putnam United Cemetery
– Woodhull Cemetery
– Woodland Cemetery

Muskoka District
– Annie Williams Memorial Cemetery
– Christ Church (Purbrook) Cemetery
– Cooper Lake Cemetery
– Holy Trinity Cemetery
– Lewis (Pinegrove) Cemetery
– McNichol Cemetery
– Mizpah Cemetery
– Moore Cemetery
– Stoneleigh Pioneer Cemetery

Nipissing District
– Abandoned Cemetery
– Beaucage Park Cemetery
– Cache Bay / Springer Cemetery
– Notre-Dame De Victoire Roman Catholic Cemetery
– St Aiden’s Anglican Cemetery
– St Jean Baptiste Roman Catholic Cemetery
– St Margaret’s Anglican Cemetery
– Sturgeon Falls Roman Catholic / St Mary’s Cemetery
– Union Cemetery
– West Side Cemetery
– Wilson’s / Holmes Corner Cemetery

Norfolk County
– Wilsonville Cemetery

Northumberland County
– Salem Cemetery
– St George’s Anglican Cemetery
– Wesleyville United Church Cemetery

Ontario County (now Durham Region)
– Erskine / Dunbarton United Cemetery
– Kendall Cemetery
– McNeil / Wick Cemetery
– Stone Church Cemetery
– Thompson Cemetery

Oxford County
– Baptist Cemetery
– Brickyard Cemetery
– Chesterfield United Church Cemetery
– Harris Street Cemetery
– Knox Presbyterian Cemetery
– Riverside Cemetery
– St Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery
– Tillsonburg Cemetery
– Waggoner Cemetery
– Wesley United Church Cemetery

Parry Sound District
– Barber Cemetery
– Holy Family Roman Catholic New Cemetery
– Loch Erne Cemetery
– Lumsden Family Cemetery
– Parry Island Old Cemetery
– Port Carmen Old Lutheran Cemetery
– Rock Hill Cemetery
– South River Cemetery
– Thompson Cemetery
– United Church Cemetery

Peel County
– Abandoned / Kearn’s Anglican Cemetery
– Congregational Cemetery
– Eventide / Peel County Manor / House of Refuge Cemetery
– Fifth Line RC / Elmbank Cemetery
– Grahamsville United / Shiloh Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery
– Palgrave United Church Cemetery
– Plummer Family Cemetery
– Shiloh Cemetery
– St Alban’s Anglican Cemetery
– St John’s Anglican / Erwin’s Cemetery

Perth County
– Elma Centre Cemetery
– Linglebach’s Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery
– Mornington Amish Mennonite / Poole West Amish Mennonite / Nafziger Cemetery
– North Logan / Harvey’s Cemetery
– St Marys Cemetery

Peterborough County
– Fitzsimmons Cemetery
– Maple Grove Cemetery

Rainy River District
– Barwick War Memorial
– Desilet Burial Site
– Little Falls Cemetery
– Morson Cemetery
– Patullo Township Pioneer Cemetery
– Presbyterian Cemetery
– St Mary’s & Fort Frances Cemetery

Renfrew County
– Allan Spencer Estate Abandoned Cemetery
– Deux Rivieres Protestant Cemetery
– Edwards Old / Rankin Methodist Cemetery
– Eganville Baptist Cemetery
– Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
– Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery
– Hamilton Monument
– McLaren Cemetery
– McLeese / McLaren’s Settlement Cemetery
– Moriarty Family Memorial / Heaven’s Little Acre Cemetery
– Our Lady of Perpetual Help / Round Lake Roman Catholic Cemetery
– Sebastopol Baptist / German Baptist Church Cemetery
– St Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery

Simcoe County
– Barrie Union Cemetery
– Belfry / Robinson’s Cemetery
– Laurence / Lawrence Pioneer Cemetery
– New Sebright Cemetery
– Pennville United Church / Black’s Church Cemetery
– Rogers & Sutherland United Cemetery
– Sixth Line Cemetery
– St John’s Anglican / English Cemetery
– St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Old / Little RC Cemetery
– Tenth Line Cemetery
– Zion Old Presbyterian Church / Sunnidale Pioneer Cemetery

Sudbury District
– Cartier Pioneer Cemetery
– Civic Memorial / Minnow Lake Cemetery
– Park Lawn Cemetery & Crematorium
– River Road / Old River Road Cemetery
– Valley East Cemetery
– Wahnapitae Cemetery
– Wahnapitae Roman Catholic Cemetery

Thunder Bay District
– Auden Cemetery
– Ombabica Roman Catholic Cemetery
– Schreiber Cemetery
– Silver Islet Community Cemetery
– St Benedict’s RC Church Cemetery
– St Pius RC / Harstone Cemetery

Timiskaming District
– Brethour Township Cemetery
– Earlton Gospel Hall Cemetery
– Earlton RC / St Jean Baptiste Cemetery

Victoria County
– McCrea’s United Church Cemetery
– St Andrew’s Presbyterian Cemetery

Waterloo County
– First Mennonite / Ben Eby’s / East End Cemetery
– Mannheim Mennonite / Latschaw / Latschar Cemetery
– Mount Hope Cemetery
– Mount Hope Cemetery
– New Hope Cemetery
– Woodland Cemetery

Welland County
– McAffee Cemetery
– Mount St Joseph’s RC Cemetery

Wellington County
– Harriston Cemetery

Wentworth County
– Brock Road Cemetery
– Garner’s Corners / Hostein Cemetery
– Hamilton Cemetery
– Mountsberg Baptist Cemetery
– White Chapel Memorial Gardens
– Woodland Cemetery

York County
– Elmwood United Church Cemetery
– Johnson Cemetery
– Mount Pleasant Cemetery
– Park Lawn / Humbervale Cemetery
– Pine Hills Cemetery
– St John’s Norway Cemetery


Prince County
– St Mary’s Roman Catholic / Pioneer Cemetery


Bonaventure County
– Black Cape Cemetery

Gatineau County
– Maniwaki 1 / Assumption RC Cemetery
– Maniwaki 2 / Assumption RC Cemetery
– Maniwaki 3 / Assumption RC Cemetery
– McConnery Funeral Home Columbarium (Gracefield)
– McConnery Funeral Home Columbarium (Maniwaki)
– Notre Dame Cemetery
– Point Comfort RC Cemetery
– St Philomene Cemetery
– St Raphael du Messines Cemetery
– St Roch Cemetery
– Ste Therese de la Gatineau Cemetery

Huntingdon County
– St Joseph Roman Catholic Cemetery

Labelle County
– Val Barrette Cemetery

Pontiac County
– St Brigid’s Cemetery

Vaudreuil County
– Pointe Fortune RC Cemetery


Benson RM # 35
– Landau / St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Cemetery

Emerald RM # 277
– St Michael’s Cemetery

Hudson Bay RM # 394
– Etomami Cemetery

Kellross RM # 247
– Kelliher Memorial Gardens (1909)

Kingsley RM # 124
– Edenland Lutheran Cemetery

Redburn RM # 130
– Rouleau Cemetery

Sherwood RM # 159
– Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery

Wallace RM # 243
– Sharp Cemetery