A new year, a new chapter! To start things off on the right foot we’re going to clear up a few questions and misconceptions regarding the events of the past few months.

In September 2021 the web host that housed our database upgraded their system rendering some of the code used in our website inoperable. This was completely unexpected and a shock to everyone involved (including the web host). Multiple experts were consulted and several weeks passed while we tried to find and fix the broken code. That unfortunately proved impossible.

Had it been possible we would have fixed the code and continued on. We loved our website, we know you loved our website, and we’re extremely sad it was not possible to save it.

Our new website is hosted on a completely new platform for us. As we learn how to use all the new features you’ll notice things changing, sometimes for the better, sometimes not, but it’s the result of us figuring out how things work. Not all of the changes will be permanent.

However, please be assured that search access to our database will always remain. The look may change but the search function will remain and possibly improve as we learn. It is also fully functional. It’s not pretty, but it does work as it should. If the name or cemetery you seek is in our database, you’ll be able to view the information and/or photos we have available.

We appreciate the feedback we’ve received so far and thank you for your patience during this time of transition.

Now on to the good stuff. Our first update of the year!

Thanks to Kate Ford, Tom Thompson, Kathy Taylor, Charmaine Braun, and William Cooke for their help indexing.

Thanks to Richard Goegan, Gilles Caron, Tracy Lloyd, Anonymous, Douglas & Donna Gammon, Debbie Redmond, Phil VanKlinken, Gary Pfeffer, William Cooke, Geraldine (MOTT-Clements) Sookorukoff, and James Franklin Gill for additions to:


Bruce County:
Pine River United Church Cemetery

Essex County:
Evergreen Memorial Park Cemetery

Frontenac County:
Holy Trinity / Plevna-Ardoch Community Cemetery

Grey County:
Mount Forest Cemetery

Kent County:
Immaculate Conception RC / Pain Court RC Cemetery
Pardoville Union Cemetery
West Bothwell Cemetery

Lambton County:
North Street / Petrolia Pioneer / East End Cemetery
Oil Springs Cemetery

Norfolk County:
Wyecombe United Church Cemetery

Oxford County:
Princeton Cemetery

Perth County:
North Logan / Harvey’s Cemetery

Waterloo County:
New Hope Cemetery