Map Project

CanadaGenWeb’s Cemetery Map Project

We’re mapping Canada’s cemeteries! If you live near a Canadian cemetery or can point to the location of one on a map, please help. We seek decimal GPS coordinates (e.g. 49.678702,-112.828293) but will accept other formats that can be converted. Also welcome are street addresses and detailed directions.

To add a cemetery to our map, please locate the cemetery and fill out the correction form found on the sidebar.

To view a full screen version of the map, click the [ ] in top right corner of the map below (view example)

To search the map open the full screen version, then click magnifying glass to open the search bar (view example)

On the search screen you can search for a cemetery name (even just a partial name), the name of a town or city, a street, a full address, etc. You can then move the map and see all mapped cemeteries in that area. (view example)

Clicking on a red, yellow, green or grey icon will bring up information about that specific cemetery, including a link to that cemetery’s page in our project (where you will find the names index if the cemetery has been photographed)

Cemeteries are marked with one of four icons:

The cemetery was fully photographed at the time of submission to our project
The cemetery was partially photographed for our project
No photos, or only a small few, have been submitted to our project
The cemetery no longer exists