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Thanks to William Cooke, Meg Tyler-Lane, Susan Leitch, and Brenda Marchese for their help indexing.

Thanks to William Cooke, Meg Tyler-Lane, Lorena Uniac, Nicole Chambers, Janet Berkman, Peggy White, Bruce Colquhoun, Lenna Broatch, James Franklin Gill, Ron Krampien, Tim Fenton, Ralph Karthein, and Cathy Gibson for additions to:


Brant County:
All Saints Anglican Cemetery

Bruce County:
Culross-Teeswater Cemetery

Essex County:
St Anne Roman Catholic / Paroisse Sainte Anne Parish Cemetery

Huron County:
Clinton Cemetery
Greenhill Cemetery 

Lanark County:
Code Cemetery

Lennox & Addington County:
Camden Fifth Cemetery

Middlesex County:
Poplar Hill Cemetery

Nipissing District:
Cache Bay / Springer Cemetery

Northumberland County:
Salem Cemetery

Perth County:
Elma Centre Cemetery
Linglebach’s Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery

Victoria County:
St Andrew’s Presbyterian Cemetery

Waterloo County:
Woodland Cemetery

York County:
Park Lawn / Humbervale Cemetery