Ontario Update

Aug 17, 2011

Thanks to Alison Mitchell-Reid, Deb Belcher, Diane Quinn, Don Noble, Dorothy Mead, Doug Smith, Jared Calwill, Jo-Anne Trousdale, Kate Ford, Lorna Eggert, Marilyn Whiting, Norma Falconer, Robert Gevaert, Roberta Cameron, Roxanne Moos, Sharon Mattiuz, and William Cooke for indexing!

Thanks to Alison Mitchell-Reid, Amanda, Anne Chamberlain, Anonymous, Bonnie Lee Breadner, Cara-Mae Dawn Hackett, Catherine Reiss, Cindy Sileo, David Bryant, Dorothy Mead, Doug Gammon, Doug Smith, Gary Schumacher, J. Meloche, Jo-Anne Trousdale, John Thomas, Kate Ford, Ken Monk, Kim Pargeter, Leanne Thibert, Lorna Eggert, Michel Lachapelle, Nancy Ross-Hill & Kevin Ross, Nichole Duetta, Robert Gevaert & Ed McKeon, Ruth & Jim Sneath, Sandy Watts, Sharon Mattiuz, and William Cooke for photos of: