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    Sask. reviewing cemetery upkeep
    November 16, 2009
    CBC News
    With an unknown number of Saskatchewan’s 3,500 cemeteries and burial sites abandoned and uncared for, the provincial government is looking to make some improvements.

    On Monday, the province said it’s launching a study aimed at making changes so that some of Saskatchewan’s cemeteries can be better maintained.
    The government says some cemeteries are well maintained by volunteers and religious organizations, but a “significant number” aren’t.
    Some sites are unknown or uncatalogued, including many aboriginal burial sites, it says.
    The province has appointed Al Dwyer, the former registrar of cemeteries, to find out how Saskatchewan people want to tackle the issue.
    It’s important work, Dwyer said.
    “I think it’s important for family members and whatever to have an ability to go out to the particular cemetery where their ancestors are and pay their respects,” Dwyer said.
    Dwyer said he’d like to hear from anyone who has ideas for better maintaining cemeteries. The government has set up a toll free number for that purpose: 1-877-880-5550.