Search Tips (Find a Cemetery)


You can choose a province or territory and it will generate a list of known cemeteries in that area.

Once you click the search button you will be redirected to our advanced search page where the results of your search will appear. You can then used advanced search to expand or filter results.

View a list of all cemeteries within a specific locality. Each locality is an historic county, shire, RM, or region in each province or territory. If you don’t find a cemetery listed under a current locality, check under a previous or historical locality (for example, while Toronto is municipally independent you’ll find it under its historical locality of York County).

Once you choose a locality you will be redirected to our advanced search page where the results of your search will appear. You can then used advanced search to expand or filter results.


Advanced search allows you to filter search results. You can fill out any field, all the fields, or just one. You can leave any field blank if the information is unknown or if you want a broader search.

For example, if you’re seeking Mount Pleasant Cemetery, you can put Pleasant in the Cemetery search box and see all cemeteries with the word Pleasant in their name. If that’s too many you can narrow the results by adding another parameter like province or territory.

Once you’ve entered what you wish to search, hit enter on your device to start the search.

If you’ve already done a search and are trying another make sure all fields are empty first. Alternately, refresh your browser to clear the search and start fresh.

To learn more about each of the features offered by Advanced search, click here or keep scrolling down this page.

Cemetery Search Tips
  1. The default is to show 10 records at a time. You can change this option to show 25, 50, or 100 records.

Cemetery Search Tips
2. Click on the ‘view cemetery’ button to view additional information about the cemetery.

Cemetery Search Tips
3. Enter the name of the cemetery you seek. If you are unsure of spelling, or if there are alternative spellings, you can search using just a few letters or part of the name (e.g. Bart instead of St Bartholomew). You can also use % as a wildcard (e.g. bart%).

Including cemetery as part of your search is unnecessary.

Cemetery Search Tips
4. Community refers to the city, town, or village where a cemetery is located. For rural cemeteries this may be the nearest urban community.

Not all cemeteries have community locations available (especially if rural), and some may refer to suburbs if the cemetery is in a larger community (like Toronto). If a search using the community option shows no results try using the locality search instead.

If unsure of spelling, you can use all or part of the community name.

Cemetery Search Tips
5. Locality refers to the geographic (usually historic geographic) area where the cemetery is located. These localities differ depending on the province or territory (some use county, some use RMs, others use Region or District). A list of cemeteries by locality is also available.

If unsure of spelling, you can use all or part of the locality name.

Cemetery Search Tips
6. To search all of Canada don’t change this field (or revert to ‘Province / Territory’). To filter results to a specific province or territory, choose the desired province or territory by clicking on its abbrevation.

AB = Alberta
BC = British Columbia
MB = Manitoba
NB = New Brunswick
NL = Newfoundland & Labrador

NS = Nova Scotia
NU = Nunavut
NWT = Northwest Territories
ON = Ontario

PEI = Prince Edward Island
QC = Quebec
SK = Saskatchewan
YT = Yukon

7. It’s recommended that this not be used (unfortunately it’s a feature we can’t yet remove). It’s a much slower search and will search all fields at once.

Do a broad search
Search for just the cemetery name. Once results appear you can narrow them down by adding additional parameters (like locality) one at a time.

Avoid periods
Most cemetery names in our database do not include periods. Instead of searching for St. search instead for St or Saint (e.g. St Mary’s or Saint Peter).

Instead of searching for a whole word, search for just part. e.g. land will bring up all entries that include land like Oakland or Callander.

You can resort alphabetically in both ascending and descending order by clicking on the tiny arrows next to any column heading:

Cemetery Search Tips

Try our Map
Our map project currently offers the location of approximately 1/3 of our known cemeteries (it’s a work in progress and additions to the map are always welcome!). You can use the map to search for a specific place (like Calgary or St John’s), then view all mapped cemeteries in and around that place.