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Please see our cemetery FAQ

Please understand that our focus is on the cemetery and the headstones within. While we will accept some additional information not shown on the headstone we do not accept photos of people (stones & cemeteries only), memorial or biographical information.

Corrections & additions to existing information are always welcome, however PLEASE take a moment to review the existing information before submitting this form.

Updated or “better” photos are welcome. Replacement photos must be cemetery stones only (no people photos please) and large enough to easily read the words on the stone.

Please submit only a photo you took yourself. Do not share photos from other persons or websites.

    If you receive "There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later." and are using a gmail address, remove your address from the 'your email' field and add it to the end of your name, then try resending. Unfortunately our forms are temperamental when it comes to gmail addresses.

    If you don’t wish to have your name credited, put Anonymous
    Email addresses are not posted on the website

    Please be aware:

    • All replacement photos are subject to the discretion of our volunteer coordinator
    • If multiple people share the same photo replacing one will replace it for all
    • Replacements will be included in an upcoming update

    We honour all reasonable requests for removal of a name and/or photo

    Please allow 7-14 days for your request to be fulfilled.

    Wondering where/how you can use the photos available on this website? Please see our photo permissions FAQ

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