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AB = Alberta
BC = British Columbia
MB = Manitoba
NB = New Brunswick
NL = Newfoundland & Labrador

NS = Nova Scotia
NU = Nunavut
NWT = Northwest Territories
ON = Ontario

PEI = Prince Edward Island
QC = Quebec
SK = Saskatchewan
YT = Yukon

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Please understand that our focus is on the cemetery and the headstones within and while we will accept some additional information not shown on the headstone, we do not accept photos of people (stones & cemeteries only), memorial or biographical information.

Please double-check our index before adding a new name to ensure it's not already there
Replacement photos must be cemetery stones only, we do not accept photos of people. All photos are subject to the discretion of our volunteer coordinators.

If more than one person's name is in the photo please do NOT send it more than once. Replacing one photo will replace it for everyone named in the photo.

We honour all reasonable requests for removal of a name and/or photo. Please allow 7-14 days for your request to be fulfilled.

We will be adding file attachment options in the future for easy photo replacement submissions.