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Thanks to Angie Garant, Scott Naylor, Gary Pfeffer, Don Shannon, Murray Pletsch, Christine Ferguson, Garry Crawford, Diane Dillon, Tim Fenton, Rae Swan, and John Coolen for additions to:


Carleton County:
Capital Memorial Gardens

Carleton County:
Long Island Locks Union Cemetery

Grey County:
Woodland Cemetery

Hastings County:
Hinchliffe Cemetery

Manitoulin District:
Hughson Cemetery

Muskoka District:
Moore Cemetery
Stoneleigh Pioneer Cemetery

Nipissing District:
Abandoned Cemetery
Wilson’s / Holmes Corner Cemetery

Northumberland County:
Wesleyville United Church Cemetery

Parry Sound District:
Rock Hill Cemetery

Renfrew County:
Eganville Baptist Cemetery
McLeese / McLaren’s Settlement Cemetery

Simcoe County:
New Sebright Cemetery
Rogers & Sutherland United Cemetery

Sudbury District:
Cartier Pioneer Cemetery

Thunder Bay District:
Silver Islet Community Cemetery