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Bruce County:
Tiverton Cemetery

Carleton County:
Beechwood Cemetery
Notre-Dame Cemetery
Wood’s Anglican / Ellwood’s Cemetery

Essex County:
Assumption Roman Catholic Cemetery
St Anne Roman Catholic / Paroisse Sainte Anne Parish Cemetery
St Joseph’s Roman Catholic (Old / South) Cemetery

Huron County:
Kirkton Union Cemetery

Kenora District:
Amesdale / Fairview Cemetery
Norman Cottam Memorial Garden Cemetery

Kent County:
Evergreen Cemetery

Middlesex County:
Poplar Hill Cemetery

Northumberland County:
Zion New / Petherick’s Corners United Cemetery

Perth County:
Avondale Cemetery

Renfrew County:
Point Alexander Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Zion Lutheran Old Cemetery

Simcoe County:
New Lowell United Church Cemetery

Sudbury District:
Grassy Lake Road Cemetery
Park Lawn Cemetery & Crematorium
Whitefish Cemetery

Victoria County:
Argyle Cemetery
Bethel (Old Methodist) Cemetery

Welland County:
Weaver Cemetery

Wentworth County:
Stoney Creek Cemetery

York County:
St John’s Norway Cemetery