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Bruce County:
Calvary / Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cemetery
Dunks Bay Cemetery
Henderson / New Connexion Methodist Cemetery
McIntosh Cemetery
St Peter’s Lutheran (Second) Cemetery
Tara / Hillcrest Cemetery
Walkerton Cemetery

Elgin County:
Cowal-McBride Cemetery
Firby Cemetery
Straffordville / Sandy Town Cemetery

Essex County:
Annunciation Roman Catholic / L’Annonciation Cemetery
Lakeview Cemetery
Windsor Grove Cemetery

Grey County:
Greenwood Cemetery
Hanover New Cemetery
Lauderbach / St James Evangelical Cemetery
Thornbury & Clarksburg Union Cemetery

Halton County:
Milton Evergreen Cemetery

Huron County:
Blyth Union Cemetery

Lambton County:
Lakeview Cemetery

Lanark County:
St Francis De Sales Roman Catholic Cemetery

Middlesex County:
Campbell Cemetery
Clipperton Cemetery
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
St Paul’s Cathedral Burying Ground

Northumberland County:
Abandoned Cemetery / Harris Burial Ground

Ontario County (now Durham Region):
Sandford Community / Sandford United Cemetery

Oxford County:
Tillsonburg Cemetery

Parry Sound District:
Burk’s Falls Cemetery

Peel County:
Churchville Cemetery
Dixie Union Cemetery
Mount Peace Roman Catholic Cemetery

Perth County:
South Easthope United Church Cemetery
St Jacob’s Lutheran / St James Cemetery

Renfrew County:
Admaston Protestant Cemetery

Simcoe County:
Trinity United Church Cemetery

Victoria County:
Ballyduff Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Welland County:
Zion United Church Cemetery

Wellington County:
Woodlawn Memorial Park

Wentworth County:
Eastlawn Cemetery
Hamilton Cemetery
Mountview Cemetery
Stoney Creek Cemetery
White Chapel Memorial Gardens

York County:
Mount Albert Cemetery
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Prospect Cemetery
St John’s Norway Cemetery