Thanks to Marlene Jackson, Trudy Hawthorne, Kate Ford, Alison Mitchell-Reid, Corinna Rumble, Doug Smith, Marilyn Whiting, William Cooke, and Meg Tyler-Lane for their help indexing.

Thanks to Alison Mitchell-Reid, Corinna Rumble, Doug Smith, Doug & Donna Gammon, Bonnie Prell, Travis Moran, Ron Spurr, Anonymous, William Chester, Erynn McGee, Lorna Matthews-McCluskey, Dorothy Hiltz, Kate Ford, C. Sutherland, Duncan Blachford, Meg Tyler-Lane & Ocean Poels, Shawna Corley, William Cooke, and William Spence for photos of:


Brant County:
Mount Hope Cemetery

Bruce County:
Invermay Methodist / Aarold Methodist / Old Methodist Cemetery
Kinloss Mennonite Cemetery
South Kinloss Cemetery

Elgin County:
Mapleton Cemetery
McColl Cemetery
Nineteenth Mile Creek / Baptist Cemetery

Essex County:
Home / Sun Parlor Home for Seniors Cemetery
Iler Settlement Baptist (New) Cemetery
Windsor Grove Cemetery

Grey County:
Burn’s Presbyterian Church / Feversham Presbyterian Cemetery
Duxbury’s Cemetery
Holstein / Reid’s Cemetery

Haldimand County:
Upper (Town Hall) / Anderson Cemetery

Haliburton County:
Evergreen Cemetery 

Huron County:
Dungannon Cemetery Company
Greenhill Cemetery 
Lochalsh / South Lochalsh Cemetery

Kent County:
Christ Church Memorial Garden
Everitt / Julien Cemetery
Thamesview Lodge / Potter’s Field / Kent County Home Cemetery

Lambton County:
Aughrim / St John’s Cemetery
Bear Creek Cemetery
Fancher United Church Cemetery
Fansher United Church (Old) Cemetery
Lakeview Cemetery
Rickard Cemetery

Lincoln County:
United Empire Loyalist / Tilman Culp Family Cemetery

Middlesex County:
Dorchester Union Cemetery
Middlemiss Indian Cemetery

Norfolk County:
Bookton Cemetery
Boston Baptist Church Cemetery
Pott’s Cemetery
Woodhouse United Church / Old Methodist Cemetery

Peel County:
Dixon’s Union Cemetery

Perth County:
Bible Christian / Woodland Cairn
Fairhaven Mennonite Cemetery
Oetzel United Church Cemetery 

Simcoe County:
Stayner Union Cemetery

Thunder Bay District:
Beardmore Pinegrove Cemetery

Waterloo County:
Linwood Mennonite Cemetery
Martin’s Independent Old Order Mennonite Cemetery
Weaverland Mennonite Cemetery

York County:
Sanctuary Park Cemetery