Thanks to Lorna Eggert, Norma Falconer, Paul McKnight, William Cooke, Jim Anderson, Alison Mitchell-Reid, Marilyn Whiting, Jo-Anne Trousdale, Tom Thompson, Deb Belcher, Kate Ford, and Bonnie Lee Breadner for their help indexing.

Thanks to Jan Johnson, Gordon J. Callon, Alison Mitchell-Reid, Ron Spurr, Dianne Brock, Sonia Godin, Kate Ford, Bob Garant, Ann Cullen, Kim McDonald-Taylor, Brea Mefford, Evelyn Gould, Meg Tyler-Lane & Ocean Poels, Corinna Rumble, Alan L. Falconer & Amy M. Falconer, William Cooke, Paul McNaughton, Gary Schumacher, Jo-Anne Trousdale, Dan Kennedy, Doug & Donna Gammon, Bonnie Lee Breadner & Myrna White, Barbara Torra, Jonscot Gibbons, Carolyn Mackie, Michael Stephens, Doug Smith, Lorna Eggert, Lanny Robinson, Pat Ryall, and Art Currie for photos of:


Pictou County:
Salem Pioneer Cemetery


Bruce County:
Jackson’s Family Cemetery

Elgin County:
Sparta Friends / Quaker Cemetery

Essex County:
Colchester Memorial Park Cemetery
Erie Memorial Gardens
St John The Baptist Roman Catholic Cemetery
Windsor Grove Cemetery

Grey County:
Thornbury & Clarksburg Union Cemetery

Huron County:
Abandoned Presbyterian Cemetery
Anglican Cemetery
Blyth Anglican / Potter’s Cemetery
Blyth Memorial Cairn
Dungannon Cemetery Company
Forgotten Cemetery
Hackett’s Methodist / Trinity United Cemetery
Maitlandbank Cemetery

Kent County:
Botany Cemetery
Mayhew Mount Pleasant / O’Neill’s Cemetery
Morpeth Cemetery
Union Burial Grounds / Blackburn Cemetery
West Bothwell Cemetery

Lambton County:
Christ Church Anglican / Errol Cemetery
Knox Presbyterian / Camlachie Cemetery
Our Lady Help of Christians RC Cemetery
Shetland United Church Cemetery
St John-In-The-Wilderness Cemetery
St Mary’s Anglican Church Cemetery

Lincoln County:
Baptist Cemetery
Victoria Lawn / St Catharines Cemetery

Middlesex County:
Christ Church Yard / Christ Church Anglican Cemetery
Leitch Cemetery
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
North American Martyrs Roman Catholic Cemetery
St George’s Anglican Cemetery
Wardsville Cemetery

Norfolk County:
Oakwood Cemetery

Northumberland County:
Bowmanton Cemetery

Ontario County (now Durham Region):
Salem United Cemetery

Peel County:
Streetsville Cemetery

Perth County:
Fullarton United Church Cemetery

Simcoe County:
Westmount Baptist Cemetery

Waterloo County:
Rush’s Cemetery

Wentworth County:
Episcopal United Church / Mountsberg Methodist Cemetery


Queen’s County:
Orwell Cemetery


Megantic County:
Bullard Brook Cemetery

Pontiac County:
Clarendon Front / Armstrong’s Burying Ground