I have a “kit” in a small backpack that I use in the cemeteries:

– long handled umbrella
– wide putty knife
– sharp knife
– spray bottle of water
– whisk broom
– stiff brush
– terry cloth rags
– newsprint paper
– oil pastels
– used bread bags (for debris)

I would say the best time to go out is an overcast day with no rain or storms in the forecast. If I don’t like a picture, I go back and do it over, especially where the morning and afternoon lighting is concerned.

I realize that some people are submitting photos that they have traveled a fair distance to do, so that’s not always a viable option, which is where the umbrella can make a world of difference. You can use it to completely shadow a flat stone that has glare on it, or block a lot of the glare when you have to shoot into the sun. I hate any stone that has a north face on a sunny day!