Ontario Update

Mar 16, 2013

Thanks to Anne Chamberlain, Deb Belcher, Alison Mitchell-Reid, Jim Anderson, Lorna Eggert, Marilyn Whiting, Sharon Mattiuz, and Tom Thompson for their help indexing.

Thanks to Anne Chamberlain, Nancy Ross-Hill & Kevin Ross, Georgia Kovalik, Brian Smith, Joanne Bushell, Norma Falconer, W. Blanchard, Carol Ann Best, Dorcas Aunger, Sharon Burkhard, Sharon Mattiuz, John De Lange, Art Currie, and Ken Stephenson for photos of:


Brant County:
Farringdon Cemetery


Harley Cemetery
Mount Hope Cemetery
St Abner’s / Landon / Dickie’s Corners Cemetery

Elgin County:
St Thomas Cemetery

Essex County:
St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery

Hastings County:
Mount Pleasant United Church Cemetery

Huron County:
Dungannon Cemetery Company
Greenhill Cemetery

Leeds County:
Abandoned (Quaker) Cemetery
Blanchard Cemetery
Fulford Cemetery
Greenbush / Smith’s Cemetery
Hanton Cemetery
Holmes Cemetery
Horton Cemetery
Jelly Farm Cemetery
Johns(t)on Cemetery
Kincaid’s Corners / Wiltse Pioneer Cemetery

Lincoln County:
St Anne’s Church Cemetery

Middlesex County:
Strathroy Cemetery
Woodland Cemetery

Northumberland County:
Centre Cemetery
English Line / Tabernacle United Cemetery

Simcoe County:
Rich Hill United Church Cemetery

York County:
Hartman Cemetery