We’re so excited to finally debut our improved website and hope you enjoy the many new features available:
➛ Submitted indexes incorporated into the cemetery page (previously two separate pages)
➛ Improved search functions
➛ Ability to send corrections directly from the photo page
➛ Driving directions to cemeteries where GPS information is available
➛ A Canada-wide cemetery map (in progress!)

We’re still moving data from the ‘old’ website and during this time of transition you may find that some photo indexes are not yet viewable on the ‘new’ website. Until they’re moved you can still access them. We hope to complete the transition as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience in the interim.

If you have bookmarked or linked to cemetery pages, please update your links before the old pages are removed!

In the meantime… thanks to Alison Mitchell-Reid, Anne Chamberlain, Bonnie Lee Breadner, Brenda Marchese, Robert Gevaert, Cheyenne Kepke, Doug Smith, Jim Anderson, Jo-Anne Trousdale, Kate Ford, Lenore Gelok, Lorna Eggert, Mary Maddock, Patricia Green, Roberta Cameron, Sharon Mattiuz, Steph Clay, Tim Swayn, W.R. Sutherland, William Cooke for their help indexing.

Thanks to Ada Sloan, Alison Mitchell-Reid, Amanda, Bob Garant, Bonnie Lee Breadner & Myrna White, Brenda Edmonds, Carol Ann Best, Catherine Reiss, Cheyenne Kepke, Chuckie Blaney, David Lawrence, Deborah Mott, Denny Mellott, Doug & Donna Gammon, Doug Dauphinais, Doug Gammon, Doug Smith, Fern Wiens, Fred Appleton, Gary Schumacher, George Bilinsky, George Fedyck, Jennifer Kirkland, Jo-Anne Trousdale, Kate Ford, Ken Stephenson, Lenore Gelok, Leo Allen, Lewis McGregor, Lorna Eggert, Diane Perkin, Delores & Rawlins Lowndes, Mary Bond, Michelle Brouerius, Michelle Johnson, Nancy Ross-Hill & Kevin Ross, Patricia Green, Ron St. Croix, Ross Sutherland, Sharon Mattiuz, Sheila Johnston, Stephanie Eddy, Tim & Heather Demetrioff, Tim Swayn, William Cooke for photos of: