We have just been made aware of some glitches with some of our submissions forms where they ask you to log in.  Please note that NO PART of our website requires registration or logging in.  We believe we have found and fixed these errant forms but if you find one while using our website please copy the address of the form, tell us where you were trying to add information, and fill out one of our feedback forms.

We are using Bravenet services for our forms and they require a two-step process for sending information (to weed out the spam).  Once you’ve submitted your information you’ll be taken to a confirmation screen where you can review what you’ve written and then choose to ‘continue’ (which will submit the form to us) or ‘cancel’ (which will return you to the previous page).  You do not need to register or be a member of Bravenet to click ‘continue’ (just ignore the ads!), but please be sure to hit ‘continue’ otherwise we will not receive the information you’ve sent.