Volunteer Photographer

Volunteer Photographer / Photo Submissions

We only accept photos taken by the submittor. If you did not take the photos yourself, please do not send them in.   

The job of a photographer is to take* photos of a Canadian cemetery, then send them in to be posted on this website.

– Ability to visit* a Canadian cemetery
– A good camera (preferably digital but film is also welcome) and the ability to use it
– Ability to send photographs either via the internet or through snail mail

*We also welcome ‘older’ photos regardless of when they were taken. If you have photos and want to share them on our website, locate the cemetery and use the submission form available there.


To photograph an entire cemetery, or entire section of a large cemetery, please:
1. Locate the cemetery on our website
2. Below the cemetery information table, fill out the volunteer form
3. Wait to receive confirmation from our volunteer coordinator
4. Once you’ve been confirmed, visit the cemetery and take photos of every headstone
5. Send us your photos

To send photos you’ve* already taken:
1. Locate the cemetery on our website
2. Verify we don’t already have photos of the stones in question (if there is a name index please check carefully, we don’t index living persons but may already have a photo of a pre-set stone indexed under the surname)
3. Below the cemetery information table, fill out the volunteer form

(Need more info? Please read our Photo FAQ)

If you are interested in indexing your own photos please see our page on indexing cemetery photos

Before heading out to a cemetery please read our FAQ regarding liability and permission