Volunteer Lookups

Lookup Volunteer

A lookup volunteer is someone willing to visit a cemetery by private request to seek a specific headstone. (If you would like to take photos and share them on this website, please sign up as a photographer instead).

As a lookup volunteer you may receive multiple requests a week or none at all. The number of requests is dependent upon how many visitors have an interest in the cemetery you’ve volunteered for.

This volunteer position lasts as long as your name & e-mail are posted on this website (to have your lookup offer removed please use this form).

– Ability to transcribe or photograph a headstone on short notice in accordance with your terms*
– Ability to send & receive e-mail within a reasonable amount of time


How it works:
1. Locate the cemetery you wish to offer a lookup for and fill out the ‘Offer a Lookup’ form located on the cemetery page.
2. On the form you will provide your name, e-mail address, and lookup terms*.
3. Once your form has been received, your name & e-mail address will be posted on the cemetery page where you signed up.
4. Those interested in requesting a lookup will contact you directly stating what they are looking for.
5. You respond to the inquiry and provide the requested information if available.

* Lookup terms should indicate the limits of your lookup offer. For instance “lookups during summer months only”; “digital photos via e-mail only”; “transcription only, no photos”, etc