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The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery retired 31 July 2017. The owner and webmaster of the Gallery, Murray Pletsch, chose to retire and remove his website from the internet.

Upon deciding to retire, he chose our existing cemetery project as the new home for his 1.3 million photographs (not the website, just the photos!)

CanadaGenWeb’s Cemetery Project did not take over (or remove) the Canadian Gravemarker Gallery website, but we are incorporating the photographs into our existing project as they are indexed.

We did take over the domain with Murray’s permission.

As of 2023 our volunteers have indexed:

Alberta: 100% 100%
British Columbia: 100% 99%
Manitoba: 100% 100%
New Brunswick: 100% 100%
Newfoundland: 100% 100%
Northwest Territories: 100% 100%
Nova Scotia: 100% 100%
Ontario: 100% 98%
Prince Edward Island: 100% 100%
Quebec: 100% 100%
Saskatchewan: 100% 100%
Yukon: 100% 100%

In addition, our project is business as usual with volunteers contributing thousands of new photographs that also require indexing.

It’s understood that there will be some frustration and impatience while waiting for photographs to appear here. Please know that volunteers have been, and continue to be, working non-stop to get the photographs indexed and online as quickly as possible. We cannot give an estimate as to when a specific cemetery will appear, except for as soon as it’s indexed. You can help speed up the process by volunteering to help index.

For those new to us, CanadaGenWeb’s Cemetery Project debuted in 2004. We offer a cemetery directory of 20,000+ Canadian cemeteries and a names index currently exceeding 2.6 million names. We are 100% volunteer, 100% Canadian.

Learn more:

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– CanadaGenWeb’s Cemetery Project Update Blog (every week we announce what’s been added)
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In June 2017 this message was posted to the Canadian Gravemarker Gallery:

Over the past 20 years, the Canadian Gravemarker Gallery has worked with volunteers coast-to-coast to photograph Canada’s cemeteries. It has been a rewarding experience but now it’s time for this webmaster to retire.

Last year, CanadaGenWeb’s Cemetery Project agreed to incorporate the Gravemarker Gallery into their project (view the announcement).

The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery photographs continue to be processed/indexed. If any of your searches bring up zero results at the CanadaGenWeb site, likely the target cemetery has yet to be indexed. None of the almost 2 million plus photographs have been lost or missed.

Recommend you be patient and check back at the CanadaGenWeb site every month or so (you can subscribe to their update blog or like their Facebook page to be notified of updates).

Starting 30 Jul 2017, will redirect you to CanadaGenWeb’s Cemetery Project.

The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery will formally retire 31 Jul 2017, so please update your bookmarks to or

The Northern Ontario Nostalgia site can still be enjoyed here

With thanks to everyone who has supported The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery.


Murray Pletsch

In Dec 2016, Murray Pletsch sent out this newsletter to his subscribers:


The Objective of this *Newsletter* has been to publish changes and bulletins to The *Canadian Gravemarker Gallery* website.


In our 17th year of operation, The Webmaster, Murray Pletsch has decided to retire. Firstly, Murray wishes to thank all the kind and thoughtful supporters and volunteers who rolled up their sleeves and pitched in to make the website a valuable genealogical resource. We salute them all….!


1. The Owner (Sherri Pettit) of the *CanadaGenWeb* website has agreed to incorporate the photos from The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery website into their website.

2. The merging of these two free access websites will take several months to complete.

3. In the meantime, until mid summer 2017, The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery will continue online to welcome visitors. PLEASE NOTE that this version of the website will NOT be updated, to avoid confusion and possible duplication between the two websites while the merging of the two websites continues.

4. Lastly, please understand that this will be a massive job to re-index the 1,600 cemeteries from The Canadian Gravemarker Gallery. We reiterate that both websites are “Free Access” entities and no doubt their team will be going flat out to complete the move. We understand the main site at CanadaGenWeb will post their progress reports every now and then.

Who knows, but someday, this too, will be remembered with pleasure. (An Interpretation of the Aeneid by Wendell Clausen)

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of Murray Pletsch.

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