FAQ Submissions

Frequently Asked Questions


I have information to add, where do I send it?

Please locate the cemetery or person in question and use the submission forms available on that page.

Can I submit a transcript?
If it’s one you created yourself, yes please! Locate the cemetery and use the submission forms available on the cemetery page.

I have a photo of a stone missed during photograph


Send it in! Locate the cemetery and use the submission forms available on the cemetery page.

Can I submit a different photo for a headstone shown on this website?

If you own the photo and the photo has additional information or is more legible than the one currently online, yes please!

To submit your photo(s) please locate the photo you wish to replace and use the ‘replace photo’ form available on that page. This will ensure we replace the correct photo.

Why do I have to locate the cemetery or person to submit or correct information?

To ensure that the information is applied to the correct cemetery or person. To (try to) avoid confusion we have assigned a unique ID code to each cemetery and person. The forms available on each cemetery and person page have the ID code and we request this information on all our submission forms. It helps us out tremendously when there’s no confusion about what information should be added where!

I have print photos, can I submit them?

Yes! If possible please scan or have them printed to CD or flash drive and send digital copies. If you’re unable to do so you can send the print photos, but please be aware that we cannot reimburse for the cost of shipping nor return the photos.

Do you have a mailing address?

Yes, but it is only provided to those submitting materials by post. Volunteers who need a mailing address can request it from the coordinator they are corresponding with.

I submitted information about a cemetery, when will it appear?

As soon as possible (see response time)

When will my photos appear?

We don’t update the website each time a submission is received. Instead, we maximize our volunteer time by dividing photo & name submissions into area specific groups (Ontario, East, West), then collating all submissions for each area into our regular updates. Your submission would then appear within 1-2 area specific updates unless it requires extra work (such as indexing). In that case it would appear in the next update after the extra work has been completed.