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I found an error! Who do I contact?

If it’s an error with a cemetery (cemetery name, location, etc.) use the ‘correct cemetery information’ form found on the cemetery page.

If it’s an error with a name or headstone, use the error form found on the name page.

Why is [this] name / photo missing from the index?


1. Take note of the information located on the cemetery page. There will be a notation indicating whether “some headstones” or “every headstone” are included in the index.

“Some headstones” indicates that not every headstone is included in the index and the one missing is among those not included.

If the notation indicates “every headstone” was photographed:
– Look at the year the photographer visited, if the name in question was added after their visit it won’t be in the index.
– Not all burials have headstones, if a stone isn’t available it may not be included in the index.
– Is the stone hidden? If the cemetery was visited in winter or if the cemetery is in a flood zone it’s possible the stone wasn’t visible at the time of the visit. The same goes for foliage and bushes – many times grass, bushes & trees grow around a stone obscuring it from view.
– Oversights happen. Most cemeteries are not laid out in easy to follow rows and it’s quite easy to get turned around and miss a stone or two.

2. Not all entries have photos. If the area underneath the name is blank, there is no photo. If you see a graphic like this it means there should be a photo but there is an error preventing it from appearing (if you see this graphic, please use the error form on that page to report it).

Can I add a missing name / photo?

We’re happy to include missing names if you are 100% certain that person was buried in the cemetery in question. We’re also happy to include a headstone photo if you can provide one. To let us know of a missing name or to share your photo, locate the cemetery and use the submission forms available on the cemetery page.

A stone was not photographed, can you add it?

We cannot fulfill requests for photos of specific stones. Please check the ‘genealogy resources’ part of the cemetery page, if a lookup volunteer is available they may be able to fulfill your request.

A name was in the index but it’s not their stone

If the name of a relative appears on an older stone, that name will be included in the index along with a relationship identifier (e.g. spouse, parent, sibling, etc.).

A name appears in an index more than once

This means the person is either named on more than one headstone or there is more than one photograph available. Women are also indexed under both their married and maiden names if both are known to us.

An age or birth year is off by a year

Some ages and birth years are estimates based on the information provided on the stone.

For example, a stone may have only a date of death and age at death. A birth year would be estimated by subtracting the age from the year of death.

May I use photos from this project in my family tree?

Photos can be used in personal research (that includes online family trees*) provided the photographer is credited as the source, and the photo is used AS IS without removing any copyright tags that may be present.

*Family trees, not other cemetery websites!

May I link to a photo on this website?

If you wish to share, please share our address instead (https://cemetery.canadagenweb.org).

May I take a photo from this website and put it on another website?

No. Please respect the photographers who generously shared their photos by allowing them to choose where and when their photos will appear (don’t presume on their behalf). Requests to photographers are not forwarded, if they wish to post elsewhere they’ll do so without prodding.

May I take photos from this website and put them on Find a Grave?

No. Doing so violates both our policy (see the question directly above) and Find a Grave’s community rules.

If you didn’t take the photo, don’t own the photo, or don’t have prior permission from the photographer, you don’t have the right to post the photo(s) anywhere.

Can you tell me more about this person or family?

What you see on the website is the extent of the information we currently have, we have nothing further we can send you nor can we conduct research on your behalf.

Can I request a lookup?

If a lookup volunteer is available their name and contact information will be visible on the cemetery page, you can contact them directly with your request. If no lookup volunteer is available, then no lookup requests are available for that cemetery at this time (check back later as a volunteer may come forward in the future).

Can a photo be replaced?

Yes, if you have one to offer as a replacement. Locate the photo you’d like to replace and use the replace form found on that page.