FAQ: Cemetery Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Cemetery Questions

How do I find someone if I don’t know what cemetery they’re in?

Using this website:
Start with searching our name indexes.  If that yields no result search the cemeteries by locality and choose one in the area where you think the person in question was buried and take note of links offered under ‘genealogy resources’… 

Using other resources
Many genealogy societies in Canada have transcribed their local cemeteries and made the transcripts available for purchase or loan. If a transcript is known to exist for a cemetery it will be linked on this website on the cemetery page under ‘online resources’ or ‘offline resources’. To find a genealogy society start with CanadaGenWeb or Cyndi’s List. Death registrations and newspaper death notices are additional sources that may indicate place of burial.

I need to know more about [this] cemetery


ALL information we currently have on each cemetery is on the website. As new information comes in it too is added to the website. If the information you seek is not yet on the website we (yet) don’t have it. Please keep checking back.

Where is [this] cemetery located?

If known, it will be indicated on the cemetery page.

I can’t find the cemetery I want

There are two possible reasons:

1. We don’t have that cemetery our database. While we do have over 21,000 known Canadian cemeteries we don’t yet have them all.

2. The cemetery isn’t under the name you think. Instead of looking for the cemetery name, try searching the locality where the cemetery is located.

Why do some cemeteries show more than one name? (e.g. “Graham / McTaggart Cemetery”)

Over time some cemeteries have had multiple names.  As they are all important we include all the names we’re aware of.

The first name shown is the current or official name (e.g. Graham), any others that follow are local or past names.

We include all known names of a cemetery to increase the odds you will be able to locate the cemetery under any name it may have.

Are you going to photograph / transcribe [this] cemetery?

We do not assign cemeteries nor decide when one will be photographed. That choice is left entirely up to volunteers, what they wish to photograph, and when they have time to tackle the project.

If the cemetery you’re seeking is not yet photographed consider either a) volunteering to do it yourself, or b) volunteering to photograph a cemetery near you (there are international projects if you live outside Canada). The help you provide may encourage someone else to step up and volunteer.

Why wasn’t [this] cemetery fully photographed?

Each photograph submitted is done so voluntarily at the discretion of the photographer. Some photographers are able to photograph entire cemeteries while others photograph as much as they can, or submit photos that are personal to their research.

How do I contact [this] cemetery?

If cemetery contact information is known, it will be on the cemetery page. Otherwise, we cannot provide contact information. You will need to use Canada 411, a search engine like Google, or call a local funeral home, memorial stone company, or the local municipality. We are a volunteer genealogy project and do not represent any cemetery.

There are photos / index / transcript of [this] cemetery elsewhere on the web

That’s great!  We welcome links to other websites that provide cemetery information. Locate the cemetery in question and use the available submission form.