FAQ: About CanadaGenWeb’s Cemetery Project

Frequently Asked Questions

About CanadaGenWeb’s Cemetery Project

What is the purpose of this project?

CanadaGenWeb’s Cemetery Project is a free directory of known Canadian cemeteries, their names, locations, histories and where research materials can be located. Cemeteries, besides being a lasting memorial, are a valuable research tool for genealogists and family history buffs. We aim to help by bringing as much information about Canadian cemeteries to this project as possible.

Is this website free to use?

Entirely! No part of CanadaGenWeb’s Cemetery Project requires payment. Take note of our site design and colour scheme – once they change you have left our project.


Why are you offering photos of cemeteries?

Photos allow those interested to view cemeteries & headstones they may be unable to visit in person. Photos can also preserve an image of a headstone for the future. Many stones degenerate over time and become unreadable. Others are vandalized or do not stand the test of time.

When is the next update?

Announcements are made each time the site is updated. They are posted on this website, our updates blog, and on Facebook

Response Time

Everyone involved in this project is a volunteer, including those who maintain the website. While we strive to respond to all messages within a reasonable amount of time, we work on the project during our free time (just as you visit this website during yours). This may mean there is a delay in replying to e-mails, adding information, or getting a cemetery photographed.

Please be patient when contacting us and give us a chance to answer your first message before sending a second (multiple requests do not get a quicker response). Give us a minimum of seven days for a reply (a bit longer during the summer months & holiday season). If you’ve not heard back after eight days, a second message would be welcome.

I sent a message and didn’t get a response

If your message was sent within the past 7 days, please be patient (see response time above). If it’s been more than 7 days, there are two possibilities:
1. Your message wasn’t received. It happens, e-mail goes astray
2. Your message didn’t require a response. As volunteers we have to prioritize our free time in order to keep this site running. This means we may not respond to questions that are already answered on the website, and we don’t respond to research requests or queries (see the next question…)

Can you send me information / a photo by email?

No. If what you seek is available it will be on the website where you can access it yourself. Some cemeteries have lookup volunteers willing to visit and send photos via private email, please contact them directly. Project coordinators cannot do this on your behalf.

I want a photo removed, who do I ask?

Locate the photo in question and fill out the error form on the same page as the photo. It is not our intention to disrespect anyone and will honour valid requests for removal.

What happened to the Canadian Gravemarker Gallery

It retired and was removed from the internet by its owner. We have adopted their photographs and they will be integrated into our project as they are indexed.