Thanks to Gary Pfeffer, Don Shannon, Murray Pletsch, Ron Krampien, Betty Cameron, Arnold Weirmeir, Richard & Jean Lampi, Diane Dillon, Tim Fenton, Ron Lacarte, Reed Wortman, Susan Leitch, and Gillian Maxwell for additions to:


Grey County:
St Peter’s Roman Catholic Cemetery

Hastings County:
Kavanagh Settlement (Umfraville) Catholic Cemetery
McGregor Cemetery

Muskoka District:
Lewis (Pinegrove) Cemetery

Nipissing District:
St Margaret’s Anglican Cemetery

Oxford County:
Chesterfield United Church Cemetery

Parry Sound District:
United Church Cemetery

Peel County:
St John’s Anglican / Erwin’s Cemetery

Peterborough County:
Fitzsimmons Cemetery

Rainy River District:
Patullo Township Pioneer Cemetery

Renfrew County:
Allan Spencer Estate Abandoned Cemetery
Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery

Simcoe County:
Laurence / Lawrence Pioneer Cemetery
Pennville United Church / Black’s Church Cemetery

Timiskaming District:
Brethour Township Cemetery

York County:
Mount Pleasant Cemetery