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New Brunswick Cemeteries: CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project

We've answered as many questions as possible in our FAQs, before sending feedback please take a moment to read the FAQs to see if your question has already been answered.

If your feedback is regarding a specific cemetery, locate the cemetery in question and use the forms available there. This ensures we both start out on the same page.

Cemetery Corrections: Locate the cemetery, click on the 'Additions/Corrections' link located on the right side of each cemetery page.

Name Index Corrections: Locate the cemetery, click on the name in question and fill out the error form below the information/photo.


Add a new cemetery: First, please double check by browsing by cemetery name and by locality to ensure the cemetery isn't listed under a different name. Once you've confirmed it's not listed you can use the volunteer form to let us know.

Add a name: Locate the cemetery, click on the 'Add a Name' link located on the right side of each cemetery page. We do not add any names unless they are send from a cemetery page.


We do not do lookups, however we do accept and post lookup offers from volunteers. If an offer is posted contact the volunteer directly.

If a lookup offer isn't available, get in touch with the genealogy society that covers the area you're seeking. Some will do a specific search for a small fee or donation.


We are unable to assist you with your research. If you need genealogy assistance or information on genealogy research in please visit CanadaGenWeb.


Want to help? See our volunteer page


Please note: This is a volunteer genealogy project, we are not representatives of any cemetery and cannot respond to enquiries that should be directed to the cemetery board, caretaker, funeral home or monument company. We cannot assist nor respond to research queries or requests - everything we currently have to offer is already on the website.

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